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The joys of skiing are for everyonesscd

The sense of freedom and exhilaration!  Isn’t that what draws skiers back to the slopes year after year?

But for some that freedom can mean more – much more.

Skiing is also an opportunity to develop the self-confidence that comes with the shared experience of participating in a sport. Based on 30 years of helping people with disabilities The Southern Ski Club for the Disabled is here to help them learn and enjoy skiing.

Whether the skier is blind, paraplegic, has MS or special learning needs… SSCD can provide an adaptive means that makes it possible to give skiers a sense of achievement along with independence and self-confidence.

one of our “Tessier Dual Ski ” adaptive ski equipment used

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  1. Good Morning
    It is a while since we have heard from you, and I wonder if it is anything we have done wrong, or something that we can do to help restart our business relationship?
    Since taking over the ownership of the Premier™ brand in 2006, we have maintained support for the brand including our Unlimited Life Time Warranty and introduced new and innovative additions to the range some of which can be used with an existing system.
    Please contact me either via email or by telephone to discuss your Premier™ frame if it needs some TLC or spares.

    Yours sincerely
    LM Barker
    Sales Director

    Premier Display Systems Ltd
    27 Miners Way
    Lakesview Business Park
    CT3 4LQ

    • admin says:

      As a charity organisation, we currently are not looking for any further frame systems. Thank you for your support but we will keep you on the system should you wish to support us in other ways.

      Regards SSCD Team.

  2. Rebekah says:

    Would like to know how to bring our daughter along on the first day of the month session at Knockhatch?


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