SSCD Membership

New Membership:
All new members are encouraged to take out SSCD Membership after the trial period.
Please click on the below link to download and return the new member form.
Individual Membership – £30.00
Family Membership – £40.00

new member form

Once membership has been completed,  you will be required to pay for all session fees  attended at £3.00 each for each member Skier.
All Please note, all members, non helper members and Ski helpers will be asked to complete a child Protection declaration form and complete a DBS check as part of the SSE Policy and Practices.

Renewing your SSCD Membership:
The membership ceases on the 31 August every year and all members are required to complete and return the renewal form with payment by 30 July 2016 to avoid any delays.

All fees can be paid by bank transfer.  Requests for details should be made to the Secretary.

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